About RAGE Works

About RAGE Works

What is R.A.G.E. Works? R.A.G.E. Works is an acronym for Reviews and Rants about Gaming, Entertainment, Electronics and “The Works” and came to fruition after realizing that our interests and coverage had outgrown the My Take Radio show and mytakeradio.com.

What are the “The Works”? The works embody all our other interests that we cover and share with our listeners, viewers, and readers. MMA, wrestling, and geek culture are just a few of the items that fall under “The Works”.

MTR fans can rest easy knowing that the My Take Radio show and all its ancillary programming will continue under the RAGE Works umbrella going forward. R.A.G.E. Works strives to be the raw and unfiltered voice of pop culture, gaming, wrestling, MMA and entertainment and the gears that bring all these topics together in a well-oiled machine!


RAGE Works Mission Statement

RAGE Works prides itself on delivering unique, informative and fluff-free content that can be easily consumed by readers and viewers. We stand by the idea that we are the gears in the pop culture machine.


RAGE Works Funding

RAGE Works was created as the central hub for not only My Take Radio but for all our other content as well. RAGE Works is funded by following

  • Rich's wallet- Rich foots the bill for all aspects of RAGE Works including hosting, equipment updates and much more.
  • Ads- Yes we have ads and while many of you may block them with ad block we ask that you click them and use them as they provide us with some small funding.
  • Affiliate Links- We love sharing our favorite merchandise with you and we do utilize affiliate links most times. What are affiliate links? Affiliate Links allow brands like ours to make money if you purchase certain products that we mention on air or on the site which you'll probably buy anyway. Proceeds from affiliate sales help us continue to make RAGE Works and our offerings better for you folks.
  • Patreon- Patreon was originally set up for My Take Radio, but we are in the process of changing Patreon to cover everything RAGE Works does and that includes My Take Radio.


RAGE Works & My Take Radio Metrics

Most of our numbers are available by request for advertisers and partners, but there are some notable ones we would like to share.

  • The My Take Radio TV YouTube channel was recently decommissioned but our RAGE Works YouTube channel is growing with almost 30,000 views
  • My Take Radio raised over $2,000 for Komen for The Cure via the Brawling for Boobies gaming campaign.


RAGE Works & My Take Radio Distribution 

  • The RAGE Works Podcast Network is currently in development with new shows added on a consistent basis.
  • My Take Radio is offered as not only a live video and audio broadcast but is also available in podcast format and on our RAGE Works YouTube channel.
  • Podcast versions of My Take Radio are available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Tune In Radio.
  • RAGE Works recently launched a Twitch channel for live streaming and community events


RAGE Works & My Take Radio in The Media