About My Take Radio

My Take Radio was born in 2006. After learning about podcasts, I decided to try my hand at it. I figured what the hell if it sucks I won't feel bad.I started by listening to various shows which captured my interest. One of those shows was VGN Radio which covered all my favorite topics and was hosted by regular guys who shared the same views as me. After a few episodes, I decided to call in and contribute to the show and people seemed to like what I had to say. The creative fires were lit and my next adventure lead me to the Crazy Shit Show (CSS) hosted by some of the guys who were fans of VGN. The CSS crew welcomed me with open arms and recorded over 3 hours of the show via Skype.Man, now I was hooked and proceeded to start My Take Radio. After a few lackluster shows, I got in the grove and recorded a good amount of shows which earned me some fans and lots of visits to the MTR blog on libsyn. After awhile recording became a chore and I stopped. Through 2007-2008, I sporadically put stuff on the air but the fire died down. VGN came through again in the form of their newest show Cleveland Sports Radio. Kevin (Host of VGN & CSR) invited me on to do their MMA segments and contribute to the sports show. Guess what happened next?

I decided to bring MTR back from dead and make it a call in show on the blog talk radio network. With almost 300 shows under my belt things have been interesting to say the least. Between audio issues and time constraints, the show has chugged along and has developed a nice following.

My goals are simple

  • Delivering opinions on MMA, Wrestling, Video Games, and Movies honestly and uncensored
  • Connecting with listener and readers who's interests fall into the variable niches

My Take Radio is the flagship show of the RAGE Works Radio and Podcast network.