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Slick is a man of many hats and can be found all over RAGE Works delivering content to the masses. As Editor at RAGE Works and moderator on live My Take Radio broadcasts Slick ensures everything is running smoothly and everyone is having a good time.

NieR: Automata Introduces its Arsenal of Elegant Destruction

Nier: Automata is nearly upon us. You know the story and the characters; it is time to take a look at the weapons. I...

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Available Now!

Whether you like musou games, copious amounts of violence and blood and/or anime, Koei Tecmo has you covered today. Branded as the most brutal game...

The Making of Styx: Shards of Darkness

If Deadpool were played by a scrawny, green Danny Devito, you would basically have Styx the goblin. In Master of Shadows, you had a...

Sony Begins the Countdown to Horizon Zero Dawn!

Ten days separate us before Horizon Zero Dawn becomes available on the PlayStation Store. The actual announcement says that it hits the store @...

Greek Myth Becomes Virtual Reality In “Theseus”

Greek mythology is full of some really depressing and horrific tales. Every drawback and frailty of humanity you can think of has a story...

NieR: Automata Trailer – Welcome to 11945 AD

The setting of NieR: Automata is a dystopian future over nine millennia from present time. Earth faces its fourteenth machine war as an alien...

The Mechanical Monsters of Horizon Zero Dawn, Part 2

Yesterday, Sony began to detail the monstrous mechanical creatures you will encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn. Their YouTube page featured the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw....

The Mechanical Monsters of Horizon Zero Dawn, Part 1

We have seen a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn since its announcement. Now that we are nineteen days away from launch, Guerrilla Games and...

Flywrench – The PS4 Gets a Punishing New Puzzler

In 2015, Flywrench hit PC and Macs, leaving gamers in a drooling pile trying to beat all of the levels. Your ship is on...

Horizon Zero Dawn Live Stream (02/06/2017)

Guerrilla Games took us deep into the rabbit hole earlier today as they live streamed Horizon: Zero Dawn. As if you needed any further...

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