Today on this Memorial Day, we celebrate the life of those who have paid the ultimate price….more specifically Brad Maddox. You know, that guy who once got really fucked up by Ryback that one time. He was also General Manager of RAW for the past year, in case you forgot. Forget, that’s what I and the rest of the MTRBuriedverse did to this RAW tonight…sigh…



*Insert forgettable comment here*

This is what happens when you get soap opera writers to write wrestling. The Attitude Era may be dead but that doesn't mean you can't fuck on it’s grave. When Stone Cold Steve Austin dies, he will be remembered for several phrases.  “Austin [3:16] says I just whopped your ass”. A classic moniker still being said to this day. He, along with many other Attitude Era wrestlers, were gods in the ring. And now you have this era, which I am dubbing the “Total Divas Era”. The PG Era was universally hated and now it seems the Reality Era has died before it really got rolling. Yes the Reality Era which (I believe) began in 2011 when CM Punk dropped his infamous pipe bomb, is over. Because, you know, fuck reality when we have the ratings “juggernaut” Total Divas. The Divas division is pencil thin, but you have fucking Summer Rae in a love triangle against Fandango and Layla. Not to mention Eva Marie showed up, but don’t even get me started with her, she’s an entirely separate fucking issue. However, it’s sad when RAW is so forgettable, that THIS was one of the highlights.



Classic Heel Tactics

I wanted to bury Bray Wyatt for displaying classic heel tactics while at the same time pandering to the crowd, but no, I can’t, because Bray Wyatt is an incredible wrestling super villain. Week after week, Bray would come out singing how he's got the whole world in his hands, and the audience was going with it. As a matter of fact, they loved it and even started cheering for the Wyatt family when they came out. Bray Wyatt preached that he was a god and was going to shape the world in his image. But then he targeted Jerry Lawler (in Tennessee of course) and the crowd was not happy. While many may consider this a cheap way to get heat, It’s actually genius. Sure, you may like the things Bray is doing, but he doesn't give  fuck about you.  It's like “you may love me and love my message, but I will still do what I want to do, even it means pissing you off. This is MY world, your just living in it”. With that said, Usos get the burial for ruining some great symbolism that would have been Bray destroying Jerry in front of a helpless Cena.




WWE seems to be all about factions these days by promoting a new DVD and a bunch of shit on the WWE Network.  The WWE has a wide array of factions at it’s disposal now-a-days. The Shield, Evolution, The Real Americans…wait never mind they broke up. Well there is 3MB and Los Matadores….who are jokes. OK, the WWE really doesn’t have shit going on right now. I don’t understand with the huge roster the WWE has, why there aren't bigger factions to unite against a common goal? Why not have Damien Sandow team up with some jobbers to form a committee of disgruntled employees? Or Big E and the rest of the black guys who Rusev has committed a hate crime against re-form the Nation of Domination? By the way, if Big E Langston jobs to Rusev, there’s going to be problem in the MTR Buriedverse. Obligatory Zack Ryder burial due to him showing his fat mug on TV.



Daniel Bryan loses his smile….

…due to really shitty angles. I used to like the WWE title, I really did. Until it became meaningless. Randy Orton was a place-holder champ for the inevitable Daniel Bryan run. And now Daniel Bryan has all the functionality of a coat rack thanks to his neck. I’m a Daniel Bryan fan, but I’m a wrestling fan more. Excuse me, I need to stop writing to watch Alicia Fox waste my time on RAW. Serious question, what the fuck is Alicia Fox’s gimmick? Sorry I got sidetracked. Back to the REAL buried story that’s going on right now! The announcement of the announcement where Stephanie McMahon will announce if Bryan will lose his belt. Give me a fucking break.




Maybe Stephanie is waiting for  her order of the

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After years of snarky cynicism, anger and pure hatred over wrestling, I feel as if I have reached my limit. This whole Daniel Bryan thing has just pushed me over the edge and I didn't think I could go on….until I saw Bo Dallas, and why he has inspired me to continue this passion. It wasn't his phrase of BOlieve that has me feeling motivated, but it made me ask myself questions that I didn't have an answer for. Is this really worth it? Is it worth suffering through Eva Marie, The Exotic Express, half-baked storylines, falling WWE stock and no more CM Punk just to entertain the MTR Buriedverse? Can I make it through all these hardships? Well the answer is simple.

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