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Batman: The Telltale Series Is Not An Urban Legend

Batman: The Telltale Series is finally stepping out of the shadows at e3. Telltale is showcasing its best graphics to date for this tale of the Dark Knight. Details are scarce...

Yesterday Origins Prepares for Tomorrow

Yesterday Origins is an upcoming adventure title from Microids and Pendulo Studios. The trailer is extremely cryptic Leaving the story to the imagination of the viewer. What we know is that...

Mafia III Takes Revenge on e3 Early!

Mafia III comes out later this year and 2K Games wants the game to have a huge presence at e3 this year! So much so that they are starting early. Mafia...

The Technomancer Roams the Red Desert of e3

The Technomancer has already gone gold. Only 18 days remain until the game is in the hands of fans. Why am I stating the obvious, you might ask. I just finished...

Astro Announces Their New A50 Headset Just In Time For E3

Astro announces their next generation of A50 headsets. Astro was not waiting till E3 to announce their new generation of A50 headsets. While the name may be the same the capabilities of...

Call of Cthulhu Summons an e3 Trailer

Call of Cthulhu has an interesting premise. The story is a mystery for your character to solve and there are psychological (and physical) horror elements brewing beneath your feet. The only...

Styx: Shards of Darkness Shine in e3 Trailer!

Styx: Shards of Darkness is making its e3 debut a few days early in this new trailer. Essentially, Cyanide Studio is breaking down the story of the upcoming sequel for us....

World of Final Fantasy – e3 Trailer

World of Final Fantasy is yet another weapon in the Square Enix arsenal. Their goal seems to be to utterly conquer the RPG landscape of 2016. The popularity of previous installments...

My Take Radio-Qirin Con 2016 Special

NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED OR EXPRESSED WITH ANY IMAGES OR MUSIC.   Show Notes My Take Radio was live from Qirin Con 2016. This special edition of My Take Radio not only had Rich...

Toy Fair 2016 Spotlight: Edwin The Duck

Currently, we live in an age of reinvention and reboots and while some things can evolve alongside technology, there are others whose simplicity and appeal are timeless. There is no better...

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