Three title defenses in one year that's what Demetrious “Mighty Mouse: Johnson accomplished in 2013. Early in the year, there were a lot of people who did not think that the Flyweight Division was a viable weight class and didn’t have the ability to build a star. Well those people were wrong.

On January 26th, “Mighty Mouse” fought one of my personal favorite fighters John Dodson and put on a classic fight where he was tested by Dodson’s power but was able to weather the storm and win the fight. On July 27th, he fought John Moraga – a big, physically imposing flyweight and completely tore him apart with excellent wrestling and striking, finally tapping him in the 5th round. Finally, the reason he is both Fighter of the Month and the Year – his rematch with Joseph Benavidez. To say this fight was impressive might be an understatement as he completely destroyed Benavidez with a clean right hand that put his opponent clean out.

I cannot wait to see what the year holds for “Mighty Mouse” although he might not be far from cleaning out his division.

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