Organization: UFC

Record: 25-10

Last Fight: Johny Hendricks

Reason: Robbie Lawler has come a long way from the brawler that Dana White called “Mike Tyson reincarnate” almost a decade ago. Lawler has become possibly the best Welterweight in the world. At the beginning of this year, Robbie lost a super close decision to Johny Hendricks for the Welterweight title, but instead of taking time off to lick his wounds he jumped back in the cage a month later to destroy Jake Ellenberger. A month after that, he won a dominant decision over Matt Brown, who had been on a 7-fight win streak. In his rematch against Johny Hendricks, Robbie dug deep after clearly losing the second and third round and won the last two to become the new UFC Welterweight Champion. I cannot wait to see what the third fight between Johny and Robbie looks like and what else 2015 has in store for “Ruthless” .


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