Organization: UFC

Record: 18-2

Reason: There was really no one else in the month of July that had as nsane an impact on the sport of MMA like Conor McGregor did. I was looking forward to UFC 189 because I was hoping that Jose Aldo would show up and claim his rightful place as the true king of the Featherweights. But unfortunately, Aldo broke a rib, so instead we got Chad Mendes and an interim title fight. Thanks to Conor though, the fight didn’t lose any of its luster because he talked you into caring about the fight. In the actual fight, he showed that although he doesn’t have very good takedown defense, he hits hard as hell and his constant pressure throughout a fight messes with his opponents. I still think he will lose handily to Jose Aldo, but for now he is the most electrifying man in MMA.