Organization: UFC

Division: Featherweight

Last Fight: Diego Brandao

Record: 15-2

Reason: In one of the best months of MMA that I have seen in years, one fighter stood out more than other – “The Notorious One”. You can’t find something not to love about this guy, as he is extremely fun to watch and his shit-talking personality seems to be completely genuine…unlike other fighters (*cough* Chael Sonnen *cough*). It was a no-brainer for the UFC to make him the main event on a card in Ireland. Watching it on my laptop did not do the show justice on how big the pop was when this guy walked out for his fight. The fight itself was a blowout as he walked down Brandao and knocked him out in the first round. McGregor already has his next fight lined up against Dustin Poirier and if he treats him the same way, we will surely have mega star on our hands ladies and gentlemen.