Organization: UFC

Record: 19-5

Last Fight: Mark Hunt

Reason: The man who dethroned “The Last Emperor” has finally earned the UFC Heavyweight title (kind of). I never thought that Werdum would ever get to this point after the piss poor performance he put on against Alistair Overeem in Strikeforce. But much to my surprise, since getting to the UFC he has beaten every man they have put in front of him. In his title fight with another unlikely title challenger in Mark Hunt, Werdum was actually beaten up pretty badly in the first round. Hunt landed nasty punches throughout the first round and knocked Fabricio down repeatedly. When the second round started, Werdum landed a massive knee out of nowhere cracking one of MMA's most uncrackable chins and thus becoming the UFC Interim Heavyweight champion. I don't think he will beat a healthy Cain Velasquez, but he will put up a hell of a fight and I can't wait to see it.


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