NieR: Automata Trailer – Welcome to 11945 AD

The setting of NieR: Automata is a dystopian future over nine millennia from present time. Earth faces its fourteenth machine war as an alien invasion has sent machines to wipe out...

The Mechanical Monsters of Horizon Zero Dawn, Part 1

We have seen a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn since its announcement. Now that we are nineteen days away from launch, Guerrilla Games and Sony are giving us a closer look...

King of Fighters XIV Is Stylin’ On Ya With New DLC!

With King of Fighters XIV announced as a main game for EVO 2017, you know that SNK has to keep upping the ante! The version 1.10 update gave the game a...

The Walking Dead Owns the Game Awards 2016!

The premiere that gamers have been waiting for is finally coming very soon! The Walking Dead: A New Frontier was originally due out in November. We learned tonight during Geoff Keighley's...

2K Games Debuts the First Gameplay Trailer for WWE 2K15

While fans who tuned in last night after RAW got to see the first of the two-part roster reveal on the WWE Network the thing many fans were clamoring for was...

Greek Myth Becomes Virtual Reality In “Theseus”

Greek mythology is full of some really depressing and horrific tales. Every drawback and frailty of humanity you can think of has a story in Greek myths that cover it. Do...
Dying Light - The Following Accolades

Dying Light Will Receive Support Into 2017

Dying Light, honestly, I have run out of things to say about it. If you haven't experienced it by now, there is something wrong. Leaving that aside, enough people have experienced...

19 New Superstars Join The WWE 2K16 Roster

It should not come as a shock that we get a new roster announcement with SummerSlam around the corner. The latest roster announcement from 2K brings some returning mainstays and legends...

Final Fantasy XV Shows Noctis An Ill “Omen”

We do not yet know everything about the story of Final Fantasy XV. We do know that Noctis and company are trying to get back into the city of Lucis of...

Slick’s Quick Hits: Beyond Flesh and Blood

Beyond Flesh and Blood is coming this year to consoles and PC. Manchester-based developer Pixelbomb Games uses their UK hometown as the setting for this futuristic shooter. Earth has long been...

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