Final Fantasy - white logo

Final Fantasy IX Comes to PC, Finally!

Final Fantasy fans, don't get confused on this. This is definitely big news but it is not about the VII remake or about XV. Final Fantasy IX makes its way to...
Hitman - photo

Square Enix Premieres The First Hitman Playthrough At PAX Prime 2015

The new Hitman looks incredibly impressive. I hope that it plays at good as it looks since the Hitman games have been hit and miss. Today, Io-Interactive and Square Enix released the...
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Slick’s Quick Hits: Seven: The Days Long Gone

Seven: The Days Long Gone just debuted its first trailer. This upcoming title from Fool's Theory already looks like a winner. Combining stealth, parkour and brawling in an isometric 3D action...

Slick’s Quick Hits: Red Faction Armageddon I’m speechless here, folks. This game went from a third person blow everything away in sight game to a third person survival horror game and from the trailer it is looking...

Final Fantasy XV – The Full Introduction Trailer

Square Enix holds literal gold in their hands with Final Fantasy XV. They literally could have made bank on this game by simply saying "it will be out November 29, 2016"...

Yakuza 0 Welcomes You to the Nightlife!

The Yakuza series has always had side games based upon Japanese night life. In Yakuza 0, things will be a bit different! Kazuma and Majima turn up the heat as they...
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Slick’s Quick Hits: Heart&Slash

Heart&Slash is the story of a self-aware robot named Heart who wishes to escape the clutches of QuAsSy, the "MCP" of this game. Compared the the drones controlled by the Quality...
The Walking Dead - Michonne's Story

The Walking Dead Spotlights Michonne In a New Telltale Game

The Walking Dead games from Telltale are a set of poignant tales about a different group of survivors than those we see on TV or in comics. In two seasons worth...

Square Enix Asks “What is Dragon Quest Builders?”

No matter what PS4 owners are into, it seems that Square Enix has them covered in October. Depending upon your gaming tastes, you might just catch a one-two combo on October 11th....

1st Impression:Deadliest Warrior:The Game

As many of you know from listening to MTR,I am a huge fan of the Deadliest Warrior on SpikeTV and consider Max and Geoff friends of the show. Their show besides...

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