NieR: Automata Trailer – Welcome to 11945 AD

The setting of NieR: Automata is a dystopian future over nine millennia from present time. Earth faces its fourteenth machine war as an alien invasion has sent machines to wipe out...

The Mechanical Monsters of Horizon Zero Dawn, Part 2

Yesterday, Sony began to detail the monstrous mechanical creatures you will encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn. Their YouTube page featured the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw. Fearsome creatures both, they are. Today, they...

The Mechanical Monsters of Horizon Zero Dawn, Part 1

We have seen a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn since its announcement. Now that we are nineteen days away from launch, Guerrilla Games and Sony are giving us a closer look...

Flywrench – The PS4 Gets a Punishing New Puzzler

In 2015, Flywrench hit PC and Macs, leaving gamers in a drooling pile trying to beat all of the levels. Your ship is on a mission to the center of the...

King of Fighters XIV Is Stylin’ On Ya With New DLC!

With King of Fighters XIV announced as a main game for EVO 2017, you know that SNK has to keep upping the ante! The version 1.10 update gave the game a...

Welcome to HITMAN 101

HITMAN was released episodically between March and October of 2016. At the end of January there will be one more bonus episode that coincides with the launch of HITMAN - The...

Styx: Shards of Darkness – You Won’t See Him Coming

2016 was a huge stealth year for me as I got to enjoy HITMAN in its entirety. 2017 is looking even bigger as there is the potential for season two of that...

Horizon: Zero Dawn Story Trailer

George Santayana once said that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. You have to wonder how fair it is to doom those who have no access...

The Demo for NieR: Automata is Live Now!

I know that a lot of us are less than pleased at developer Platinum Games for some of their recent releases. Today, we can find out if their partnership with Square...

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Launch Trailer

CLEMENTINE IS BACK! Honestly, that would be all that I need to read, aside from when. Telltale games has kept us on the line for some time and finally they reel us...

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