Kingdom Hearts II.8 Has New Story Trailer

Kingdom Hearts will reign supreme in 2017, led by Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Today we have the latest trailer which reveals more of the storyline we can look forward...

Square Enix Announces the Launch Date for Dragon Quest Heroes II!

Square Enix refuses to relax! Today we have the announcement that Dragon Quest Heroes II will come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 on April 25, 2017. The DQ Heroes franchise pits...

The Walking Dead Owns the Game Awards 2016!

The premiere that gamers have been waiting for is finally coming very soon! The Walking Dead: A New Frontier was originally due out in November. We learned tonight during Geoff Keighley's...

Final Fantasy XV – The Full Introduction Trailer

Square Enix holds literal gold in their hands with Final Fantasy XV. They literally could have made bank on this game by simply saying "it will be out November 29, 2016"...

Yakuza 0 Welcomes You to the Nightlife!

The Yakuza series has always had side games based upon Japanese night life. In Yakuza 0, things will be a bit different! Kazuma and Majima turn up the heat as they...

Darksiders Warmastered Edition Has Decided to Go “Pro”

Many fans were confused and upset by the delay in the release of Darksiders Warmastered Edition. It was the first video game from the mind of comic book legend Joe Madureira....
HITMAN - steelbook

HITMAN – Time’s Up! The Season Finale Happens Now

We counted down the past sevendays in agonizing anticipation and the time has finally come. The Season Finale of HITMAN drops today. As of the the writing of this article, the...

HITMAN – The Season Finale Is Tomorrow!

 This is it! We are (as of posting) less than twenty-three hours away from the launch of the HITMAN Season Finale! Obviously I have limited information on this one but the...
HITMAN - The Complete First Season

HITMAN 2 Days (Season Finale Countdown)

Sorry for being late on today's countdown post everyone. It was another one of those LIFE happens days, but as a HITMAN fan, this will not be ignored. The big day...
HITMAN - The Complete First Season

HITMAN 3 Days (Season Finale Countdown)

While being both the smallest and most glitched HITMAN map to date, Bangkok still has its charm. It came out of left field as the Club 27 mission was cryptically announced...

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