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Hitman Beta – First Impressions

Hitman was in my inbox this evening so I figured I would give you an early look at the beta. The Hitman beta consists entirely of the tutorial missions of the...

Slick’s Quick Hits: The Surge

Today, we have the first two screenshots of the (as yet) unnamed protagonist of The Surge. If you recall, we got our first glimpse of The Surge back in December. Developer Deck...

Slick’s Hits: Grand Kingdom

In Grand Kingdom, you will lead a mercenary squad completing contracts for four different nations. If you play the standard game, you can work for any of the four nations and...

Slick’s Quick Hits: The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone

CD PRojekt RED knocked it out of the park when the released The Witcher III: Wild Hunt back in May of this year. Not only does the game have a deep...

HITMAN Concludes Season 1 In Japan

The mission in Colorado was quite eye-opening for both 47 and Diana. We learned that the shadow client is someone from 47's days in the asylum. Considering his skill, he is...

HITMAN Elusive Target# 11 – The Fixer

Everyone's favorite HITMAN returns to Africa for the eleventh Elusive Target. Agent 47 has received a double task for this mission. Claus Hugo Strandberg, one of the primary targets from the...
The Technomancer - Mars Mantis

The Technomancer Bares Fangs for the Holidays

The Technomancer continues to look beautiful as we get a glimpse of developer Spiders' vision of terraformed Mars. Today we don't have much in the way of news, but Spiders gave...

Horizon Zero Dawn Live Stream (02/06/2017)

Guerrilla Games took us deep into the rabbit hole earlier today as they live streamed Horizon: Zero Dawn. As if you needed any further reason to be excited for the game,...

Sony Begins the Countdown to Horizon Zero Dawn!

Ten days separate us before Horizon Zero Dawn becomes available on the PlayStation Store. The actual announcement says that it hits the store @ 9PM Pacific on February 27, 2017. Here...
HITMAN - Elusive Target 15 cover

HITMAN Elusive Target# 15 – The Angel of Death

Agent 47 thought he would get some time off now that we are officially in the "off season." No such rest for the wicked as a new target has popped up...

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