Slick’s Quick Hits: Batman Arkham Knight

Courtesy of the PlayStation YouTube channel, we have the fist glimpses of gameplay from Batman Arkham Knight. Most of the video is still  filled with cinematics but we get to see...

The R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream, Episode# 21

On this late night episode of the SlickStream we take a look at an early build of We Happy Few, from Compulsion Games. This is an early alpha build so please don't...

HITMAN Elusive Target# 8 – The Broker

Hitman aims to stand strong in August amongst a sea of great releases.There is a new episode coming out in just under two weeks and today we have a new Elusive...
7 Days to Die - logo

7 Days to Die Makes Its Way to Consoles

7 Days to Die is a survival horror game that made its way onto the PC scene back at the end of 2013. Developers The Fun Pimps have made a rather...

Techland Will Stream Dying Light: The Following Today!

Saturday morning cartoons are back! Well, sort of. . . actually not really. Even so, there is a great Saturday morning animated surprise for Dying Light fans (depending on your time...

Slick’s Hits: Grand Kingdom

In Grand Kingdom, you will lead a mercenary squad completing contracts for four different nations. If you play the standard game, you can work for any of the four nations and...

HITMAN Elusive Target# 12 Is Out Today!

Today marks the twelfth HITMAN Elusive Target. It is also the first time that Elusive Targets have been back to back. The moment the eleventh target ended this morning, the twelfth...

Slick’s Quick Hits: The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone

CD PRojekt RED knocked it out of the park when the released The Witcher III: Wild Hunt back in May of this year. Not only does the game have a deep...
HITMAN - Owen Wagner

HITMAN Elusive Target# 9 – The Black Hat

This was definitely the most interesting of the Elusive Targets to date. HITMAN missions are completed by the game community because we have information. Elusive Targets give limited information but at...

HITMAN Elusive Targets# 21 Doubles Your Assassination Fun!

Square Enix and Io Interactive continue to support the efforts of Agent 47 as the ICA dispatch him on his twenty-first Elusive Target today. Everyone's favorite HITMAN is finally back in...

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