Mafia III Gameplay Demo

In two weeks, Mafia III looks to redefine the sandbox criminal simulation genre. Everything we have seen so far has it poised to do so. It will also definitely be a...
Rise of the Tomb Raider - PS4 Pro shot 01

Rise of the Tomb Raider Shows PS4 Pro Support

After Sony's announcement today of the PS4 Pro, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics were quick to show off what they have planned for the beefed up console. Lara Croft embarked on...
Hitman - Agent 47

HITMAN Takes on ‘Freedom Fighters’ This Month

HITMAN forum users were highly anticipating the announcement of the next Elusive Target this week. It would be the tenth contract and players' first run at the Blood Money suit unlock....
HITMAN - Owen Wagner

HITMAN Elusive Target# 9 – The Black Hat

This was definitely the most interesting of the Elusive Targets to date. HITMAN missions are completed by the game community because we have information. Elusive Targets give limited information but at...

HITMAN Elusive Target# 8 – The Broker

Hitman aims to stand strong in August amongst a sea of great releases.There is a new episode coming out in just under two weeks and today we have a new Elusive...
Wellette Long

Slick’s Hits: We Happy Few (PC Version)

We Happy Few is a first-person, action RPG with a survival horror theme. The game itself will not be complete until sometime next year. Regardless, the good people at Compulsion Games...

The R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream, Episode# 21

On this late night episode of the SlickStream we take a look at an early build of We Happy Few, from Compulsion Games. This is an early alpha build so please don't...

HITMAN Elusive Target #7 – The Wild Card

HITMAN has enjoyed another big content week with the launch of the Summer Bonus Episode this past Tuesday. If you want to see a ton of the action from The Icon and A...

HITMAN Elusive Target #6 – The Twin

HITMAN is just a few days away from the Summer Bonus Episode and fans are being treated to a new Elusive Target this weekend. Due to complaints that previous missions were...

HITMAN Elusive Target #5 – The Gunrunner

HITMAN fans have been waiting for this one. The fifth Elusive Target is the first opportunity to (legitimately) unlock Agent 47's suit from HITMAN: Absolution. Today's target is Vito Ðurić, otherwise known...

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