HITMAN Elusive Target #7 – The Wild Card

HITMAN has enjoyed another big content week with the launch of the Summer Bonus Episode this past Tuesday. If you want to see a ton of the action from The Icon and A...

HITMAN Elusive Target #6 – The Twin

HITMAN is just a few days away from the Summer Bonus Episode and fans are being treated to a new Elusive Target this weekend. Due to complaints that previous missions were...

HITMAN Elusive Target #5 – The Gunrunner

HITMAN fans have been waiting for this one. The fifth Elusive Target is the first opportunity to (legitimately) unlock Agent 47's suit from HITMAN: Absolution. Today's target is Vito Ðurić, otherwise known...

HITMAN Elusive Target #4 – The Sensation

HITMAN takes a trip back to Paris to remove a particularly nasty stain from the walls of Palais de Walewska. Jonathan Smythe is a world renown pop star who is also...
HITMAN - Cardinal Candelaria

HITMAN Elusive Target #3 – The Prince

Hitman is reaching new heights with all of these updates. The Marrakesh update has not even cooled off yet and already we have a new Elusive Target. Today we are after...
HITMAN - The Congressman

HITMAN Elusive Target #2 – The Congressman

Hitman wanted to get into the spirit of the holiday by making a "memory" out of a handful of new targets. Everyone gets the Marrakesh update on Tuesday, may 31st. PS4...

Phantom Brave PC Hits Steam This Summer!

Phantom Brave PC brings the PS2 classic to Steam for the first time this July. All of the original gameplay is there but there will be a pleasant twist. The game...
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered - logo

The R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream (05/14/2016)

  As a quick disclaimer, I want to let everyone who joins us live tonight that I am trying to double stream for the first time. It should not be a problem,...
7 Days to Die - logo

7 Days to Die Makes Its Way to Consoles

7 Days to Die is a survival horror game that made its way onto the PC scene back at the end of 2013. Developers The Fun Pimps have made a rather...
Just Cause 3 - SF logo

Slick’s Hits: Just Cause 3 – Sky Fortress DLC

Just Cause 3 will officially see its first DLC pack hit digital stores next week, March 15, but holders of the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass will gain access to...

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