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Watch The Bellator 163 Weigh-Ins Here

The fighters take the scale before this Friday's Bellator card. Will we see fireworks between headliners Liam McGeary and Phil Davis?  

Bellator: My Love/Hate Relationship With Their Business Model

I am one of the most hardcore of the hardcore MMA fans but if I  have a choice on a Saturday night I’m watching the UFC over Bellator. I don’t understand...

UFC 155: The Terminator is Back

In their first fight on FOX in November, both Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos were injured - Junior with a torn meniscus and Cain with a freshly torn ACL. That...

UFC 163: Scarface Stops the Zombie Apocalypse

Jose Aldo remained the best Featherweight in the world with a somewhat less-than-action-packed fight with the "Korean Zombie". Watching the fight live, I was confused as to why Aldo wasn't throwing...

Watch The Countdown to UFC 191

UFC 191 is this weekend and if you wanted to learn a bit more about the fighters there is definitely no better way to do it then via the Countdown series....

UFC 184: The Undisputed Queen of MMA

What more can be said at this point about Ronda Rousey? She beat probably the second best fighter in her division in 14 mother fucking seconds. All of her fights combined...

UFC 125 Fight Picks/Preview

This past Thursday I was joined by Amy & Gary from MMA Gospel and also by Josh from MMA Valor to talk about the best/shocking moments in the world of MMA....

Take On Productions Battle At Bally’s Goes Down Tonight

Our friends at Take On Productions have their Battle At Bally’s event tonight. While I unfortunately cannot attend I wanted to share the details with our fans. If you have never...

UFC on Fox 6: Mighty Mouse to the Rescue

I won’t lie, I wanted John Dodson to win his title fight with Demetrious Johnson last night for the Flyweight Title last night on Fox, and for the first 2 rounds...

UFC 156: Scarface Doing Work

After almost a year away from the cage, Jose Aldo fought Frankie Edgar in a true super fight on Saturday. Even though Frankie is coming off of two losses (the last of...

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