Who Walked Out the Champ at House of Glory’s Fight or Flight in a First Time Ever Match?

So, after a long time coming (believe me it is a long ridiculous story), I am finally back at expressing my views and opinions which can be insanely arrogant and extremely annoying. Sounds like me at a wrestling show. Speaking of wrestling show, I am usually the man on the beat who covers wrestling shows for RAGE Works, so what better way to bless my new tablet/laptop with writing about the new transformation of House of Glory. Transformation you ask? House of Glory has changed venues. No longer are the days of wrestling in a boxing gym. Although those days were fun and had a sense of genuine connection between fans and wrestlers, the new venue, the NYC Arena in Jamaica, Queens is larger, has lights and screens, and has a bar and larger food distribution. (I still can’t believe I paid two dollars for a 25 cent bag of potato chips.) So as HOG changes, I will as well with the way I cover the events. For starters, my reviews will be shorter. If you want to know the play-by-play order the Video on Demand at their website. Also, it is easier on the reader to break down the shows in smaller segments rather than read a long-winded account of the night’s events. Believe me, I am grateful for minimizing the production as well as you will. House of Glory’s Fight or Flight is worth watching so let me provide you with the insight before you order the VOD.

Through the Curtain Past the Gorilla Position

The night’s show opened with HOG providing the fans with a VIP treatment. For such an action-packed night, it was great to see the promotion give a little extra when they really didn’t have to. Fans were able to meet with the marquee stars as well as be treated with a special dark match. The Disrespectfuls were a fun opening to the card. Their interaction with the crowd was essential to getting the atmosphere electrified. The heat they generated was well placed and kicked off what would be a long but pleasant night. The Fatal 4 Way was fairly decent with the addition of “The Disciple” Joey Janella, but I still feel they should have extended the match a bit longer and possibly build on more spots. But regardless, the match held its own and could have a possibility to build angles from that one match.


Last HOG event we had a great tag team match with Style and Finesse going head on against EYFBO, so why not do it again. At the last event, EYFBO were able to take the win in a back and forth battle which could have gone either way. On this night, the match had the same feeling but there were many new faces in the crowd who were new to House of Glory so seeing this match with fresh eyes was a pleasure. The people in the crowd who were not aware of House of Glory and their roster were at full attention with this tag team match as Style and Finesse were showing everyone why they have the aptly given name. Although their gyrations were not a hit with the crowd, this team was aimed at seeking revenge from their last loss. In the end, EYFBO suffered a defeat with some swift thinking from S&F as well as pulling a fast one over not only the referee but also the crowd. I am eager to see the rubber match for this rivalry. And speaking of rivalry, Good Hank Flanders and Nick have had an intense rivalry as well. Good Hank Flanders has not been so “good” when it comes to his intentions with Nick and due to that the stipulation to this match was that Flanders was to wrestle with one arm tied behind his back. Just as Nick has a handicap Flanders was to feel the same troubles but that didn’t seem to turn out well. The arrogance of Flanders was strong on this night as well as his wrestling as he was able to hand Nick his first lost at HOG. But it doesn’t seem this battle isn’t over yet.

Get Your Hot Tag Here!

Tag teams are the mainstay here at HOG and the next tandem is actually somewhat of a dream match. The Highspot Heroes, Smiley Fairchild and Marq Quen, met center ring with The Batiri. These green painted-faced villains are well known in the indie scene and The Highspot Heroes are just the team to make a name for themselves. This match had all of the elements of what makes a tag match work. Chemistry, technicians, precise execution, aerial moves, and tag team perfection is what made this whole match gel. The Batiri are a team that is ready for the main stage and HH did one hell of a job keeping up with them. I would have liked for this match to had been angle-builder for the winning team to start a path to a #1 contenders opportunity for the tag belts and although the winners Highspot Heroes made reference to it, it doesn’t seem it would happen anytime soon.

Match of the Night

Well, I must say if many of you do not know I have been quite the basher of The Man of Faith Brian XL. He is my House of Glory version of John Cena. I razz and heckle the man every waking moment I am at an event. His constant war with “The Rogue” Anthony Gangone has been a pleasure to watch because I have waited for XL to get a beating. I can't believe the whole mystique that is Brian XL and people who follow him. Gangone's gospel has spoken volumes to me and on this night I was waiting for XL to be decimated and finished. But, I also wanted to see Brian prove my thoughts wrong and show me that I needed to believe the hype. In this night, a Street Fight was going to be “the be all to end all” with the winner being given a title contract to cash in anytime during the year (a' la Money in the Bank). The buildup was a year in the making and both men wanted to end this feud fully. At the start of the bell, the match was a sign of the carnage and pain that would be administered. As always, the uniform of choice for a street fight was jeans and t-shirt and the weapons were anything these men could get their hands on. Even the security rail made an appearance. But, the most face crunching material which draws an immediate emotional reaction from the crowd, a bag of thumbtacks, became a part of the match and I was pleased to see the crowd stood on their feet when these men used everything available. At the end of the night, “The Man of Faith” Brian XL earned
my respect and I even embraced him as he walked down the aisle clutching his #1 contender contract. But, I do expect a heel turn from Brian or else I will return to the booing and hissing quickly.