So since I was without a laptop for some time, my mind opened up to write about different areas on wrestling I have touched upon. I also want to look at wrestling through the eyes of the promoter, booking, and other areas of the business. Although I am not able to actually be a participant in the business (though they do need my creative ideas), I can gain a sense of what the business is and what it takes to produce a successful show. The Internet has been kind and cruel when it comes to the business, and in some parts they may have valid points. But on the other end of the spectrum we have those who think they know what's best for business when in fact they are just marks. With business changing every couple of years, so should the fan's opinions or love for wrestling.  For this piece, I'm writing what I feel may be a balance for all parties o appreciate the wrestling business. So, for this article I will try to…

Change WWE in a Year

Remove The Authority/Powers That Be/ General Manager Nonsense from Storylines

This model is long since burned out. I am so tired of having to put power figures, be it heels or faces, as the control all and be all of wrestling. It's a cheap out and easy to use to help writers create a storyline. Need hot heat? Put a boss figure in the mix. It's overdone and lacks creativity. If you do implement a power figure, have the person be a Jack Tunney-type figure who we only see twice a year and move on.

Split the Rosters Again

The roster is jam-packed with talent. They are almost 70 Superstars and Divas combined with less than 10 hours of TV time. It's hard to showcase all those wrestlers with a minimum amount of time. But if I see one wrestler on one show I don't need to see him or her on another. That is how burnout and injuries occur as well as the audiences' lack of interest in a wrestler. Also, the art of a jobber was lost, which was important because it helped to build a presence and interest of a growing star. But since jobbers do not seem to make a comeback like dinosaurs, the separation of the roster and having them compete once every 3 months on RAW, Smackdown, or a themed PPV would increase interest from the fans about future angles.
Wrestlers Can Only Compete 6 Months Out of the Year

This one may be a bit difficult, but there is some logic behind this. To help reduce injury and fan burnout, having the wrestlers work a shortened schedule can help wrestlers have a longer career. Wrestlers could also work some dark shows and take part in more community-based charities which WWE loves to do. This could keep the employees in the limelight as well as earn their pay. It also helps to bring back wrestlers in different storylines, surprise turns, and swerves.

Place Importance on Power Rankings

Yeah, I know, has some form of power rankings on their site, but that doesn't stress the reason to have it. It just looks like something to have on the site for filler. WWE should use the power rankings as the NCAA uses it. Use the wins and losses, the way they occur, and the type of match it was as a value system. The power rankings can be counted from televised shows and dark shows and calculated to determine contenders and possible various tag team combinations. Rankings can also be calculated with fan popularity and strength of wrestling schedule. Fan votes help to keep the WWE Universe involved and give them a sense of worth, while possibly pushing talent up the rankings.

Bring Retired Belts Back

Championships such as the Television, Cruiserweight, and the Women's Titles need to come back. In the old days of wrestling, companies such as NWA and AWA had a number of titles which not only didn't hurt the product but produced stars. Gold equaled popularity and to manufacture stars they need to be popular. The TV Title could one be defended on SmackDown or RAW, the Women's Title could survive in addition to the Divas strap, and the Cruiserweight belt can bring back life to a once exciting division.