So, as I mentioned in a previous article my favorite types of matches are tag team wrestling. Since I was a kid I always enjoyed seeing a team of two do battle against another, having to use certain techniques and tactics to outsmart their opponents. Also, the teams can be equal in size and strength or can have different abilities and styles; for example, The Hart Foundation was a team which had Bret Hart’s technical prowess and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s pure power and strength. Some teams as I said earlier resemble each other’s style such as The Rock ‘n Roll Express, whose members were both considered high flyers and used their agility and speed to win matches. Some teams were used as powerhouses such as the Colossal Connection or Demolition or were a put together out of circumstance and actually worked well together such as The Killer Bees or Strike Force. For the past few years, different promotions has brought back the art of tag team wrestling with teams like ReDDragon, Motor City Machine Guns, The Usos, and The Young Bucks. WWE has recently been giving a large push to the tag team division, but in the past few weeks it looks as if the creative staff has been pulling apart the division one team at a time. Tag teams help to get lower and mid-card competitors more time in front of an audience and also the ability to show off their skills as a cohesive unit. The WWE Hall of Fame also has a shortage of tag team inductees, so far only including teams such as The Road Warriors and The Wild Samoans. I am just hoping the doors open for some more tag teams to be recognized at their craft. So, with that being said, I’ll bring to you…


Faces and Heel of Tag Teams (Hall of Fame Hopeful Edition)

The Steiner Brothers

They were the diverse prototype of the perfect tag team. Both were powerful, both were technical, and both had the appearance of what a wrestler should look like. Although Rick Steiner was a small package of explosiveness, his ability and finesse were easily matched with his brother Scott’s size and movie star looks. As a tandem, these two were able to put together high velocity maneuvers and tag team specialties which could either wear their opponents down or put them out of commission all together. Also, with innovation of such moves as the Frankenstiener and Steinersizer this duo was able to when a total of over 15 titles. The Brothers from Bay City, Michigan have caused more casualties than car crashes in Detroit and have struck fear in the hearts of many who have faced them. The Dog Faced Gremlin and The Big Bad Booty Daddy need to be represented in the Hall of Fame.

The Dudley Boyz

I have written about this team early on as possibly the greatest tag team of all time and with that this team has yet to be honored in the glorious estate of the Hall of Fame. Sure, Bully Ray is in TNA and Devon is semi-retired but I feel this could be the time to start planning the first ballot nominees into WWE’s Hall of Fame. When promoters needed a team to bring top of the line heat into the ring, The Dudley's were the team to help rile up the audience's rage. If a crowd needed that well-over face to take down the local trash in their territory, the boys from Dudleyville were brought in Hardcore style. With moves like the 3D and the WHASSSSUP the fan loved them even when they hated them. Their number of tag team championship reigns around the globe speaks for itself, but the overwhelming popularity still lingers for these two even in their single and separate wrestling lives. So when the time comes for these two in camo to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, I myself will have my chair ready because The Dudley’s will surely bring their own tables…

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