So, I recently returned from a trip from Wildwood, New Jersey which has become a great summer spot by the shore. The resort town is a magnet for people who enjoy amusement parks, it's beach appeal, food and drinks, live entertainment and memorabilia. Each year, the wife and I walk to our favorite spot for collectible toys. Toys such as action figures, board games, posters, and other collectibles are sold and each year the merchandise gets better and better. We enter the store and we are guaranteed to walk out with more than one item. This year we saw a collectible “Macho Man” Randy Savage in his black and white announcer’s attire with tassels. Unfortunately, we missed out on buying him by a few hours because someone walked in and swept him out from under us. It made me think about the toys I have now, which, for the most part are still in their original packaging; where as a kid I would tear the box up the moment the toy came through the door. The big rubber wrestlers from the 1980's were the first of my wrestling toys and to this day I have no idea how I could play with those stiff, hulking figures but they were the closest tools to use to create a wrestling environment. As I grew older, I no longer bought the toys which were becoming more detailed and scaled to the wrestler’s appearance and features. But these days as a moderate collector, I get to have some fun again playing with the toys through my five-year-old daughter who is a wrestling fan. We make sure to purchase an extra set of figures to not only keep in the box but also tear up the wrestling ring with. Isn’t it great to be a wrestling fan and a kid at heart? So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Big Show (WWE)

I really don’t know which Big Show I prefer, the face or the heel version. For years, many fans have been topsy turvy on the big man and I can say I have felt the same way. Jim Ross once said “giants” such as Big Show should be novelty attractions and should occasionally be seen. But Big Show has been a proven athlete and has the personality and charisma to be a main event performer. Since his return from injury this past month, the leaner, more toned Big Show has already been in a grudge match with The Shield. This past week, his facial expressions spoke volumes on his feelings to what is going on with Daniel Bryan. I expect Big Show to become more involved and possibly stir up some problems for this man…


Heel of the Week: Triple H (WWE)

Well, since when did the man known for his crotch chopping and raunchy behavior becomes such a “stuff shirt”? Oh yeah, it was when he cut off his lovely locks and put on a suit. The COO put the screws to ol’ Daniel Bryan and helped “The Viper” Randy Orton capture the WWE Championship. Sees as Triple H has taken a few lessons from his father in law and realized the WWE Universe is in need of a “new face” of the company. From show to show, Hunter is sounding more like Vince and the heat he is getting is ever-growing. The fact is, many didn’t like “the face” Orton so H gave you “the new face” Orton. Mission accomplished. But he sure is leaving a ton of unpleasant fans in his rearview mirror.

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