So with WWE’s Night of Champions behind us, my thoughts go to the history of Championships reigns. With different champions for different promotions we saw different characters and personalities connect with carrying the honor as well as the belt. Different titles, be it by division, weight class or gender have been a symbol of a federation or promotion; and his or her holder should be an example of what the promotion is and can draw money. Years ago, championships could be held by an individual for a long period of time due to a shorter travel schedule and the territories the federations were in. These days, there are not as many main tier promotions and the schedules are jam-packed all year long. With the shifting of the fan climate and the direction of story angles due to television, internet and Pay Per View buys, the champion of said promotion must either be well liked or deservedly hated by the fans. The best example is what is going on in promotions now, where in WWE we have a wrestler that is loved because of his passion, dedication and skill as well as his charisma; whereas in TNA we have a champion who is hated by most and has the mic skills and band of brothers to back him up. The Championship Title should be the “brass ring” in which all wrestlers should thrive to achieve, but as we know few are able to accomplish this feat. So, with that being said, I bring to you….

Face and Heel of the Week Championship Edition


Championship Face: Hulk Hogan

Okay, just a heads up, there isn’t going to be any surprises here. In fact, if you do not know who the Championship Heel is you should never watch wrestling again from this point out. We can argue and say Hulk Hogan is the Michael Jordan of wrestling or Michael Jordan is the Hulk Hogan of basketball. In either case, both men are the most recognizable figures in the history of sports and entertainment. In the 1980's, Hulk Hogan took wrestling to such a level so far out of the entertainment stratosphere he made wrestling cool to watch by ANYONE! Who hasn’t tried to tear a t-shirt and do the pose-down in the middle of their living room? The red and yellow ran wild in every wrestling fans' household and we all said our prayers and ate our vitamins just because Hogan told us to. Even when Hogan turned the dark side with the NWO, he was still freaking cool! Hogan held the WWE Championship belt six times and at one point held the title for just over four years. Although we have seen Stone Cold, The Rock, and our modern day Hogan himself John Cena as WWE Champion since then, there is only one Hulkamania. So, whatcha gonna do brother?!


Championship Heel: Ric Flair

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! To be the man, you have to beat the man! Believe me, Ric Flair is a man who has taken a beating. But he is also a man who has given plenty a thrashing as well. The former 16 time World Champion has been in more battles than young ladies who have ridden Space Mountain. The Nature Boy came into town with his flowing gold locks, flashy clothes, expensive cars, and shining jewelry and made you hate him, then hate him some more. Ric Flair talked the talk and walked the walk and it didn’t help that he had a stable that was just as flashy and gritty as he was. With his stylish and gaudy robes, down to the belts which were wrapped around his waist, the Master of the Figure Four Leg Lock was always prepared to enter into a territory and show off the goods. His rivalries with legends such as Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, and Sting are often documented as automatic classics. Ric Flair will go down as the man you loved to hate and he wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

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