So, I understand wrestling is a form of entertainment. There are some who say wrestling is fake it isn’t a real sport. Yes the outcomes are predetermined, and yes the matches are choreographed, but just like television and movies it is fun to watch. Wrestling is a big industry and is cross-marketed and intertwined with other celebrities and advertisements. Celebrities have made many appearances through the years with some instances being impactful and some being a flop. The first celebrity and wrestling crossover which shocked the entertainment world was when actor/comedian Andy Kaufman went to war with Jerry “The King” Lawler. The rivalry became so intense when the two met on Late Night with David Letterman a heated exchange ensued and the slap that was heard through television sets across the country made headlines. From that moment, Hollywood knew wrestling could be a great motivator for reaching an untapped audience. The first WrestleMania and those after featured a slew of celebrities which made its way through the sports entertainment world. From athletes to singers, the wrestling world has become a tool to present future projects and upcoming events. Wrestling and Hollywood seem to go hand to hand, and with the addition of social media everyone benefits from joint venture. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Sami Zayn (NXT)

Ole! Ole Ole Ole! The Artist Formerly Known as El Generico is making a statement so big wrestlers from the main roster want to step in the ring with him. Since leaving Ring of Honor and the indy scene, Zayn has made a name for himself by showing the roster what he is capable of. Most recently, one main roster Superstar set his sights on Zayn in a big way. Antonio Cesaro paid a visit to NXT and has locked horns with Zayn in the worst way. These two have battled it out on separate occasions, but most recently the men squared off in a two out of three falls match. I will honestly say that if you have not seen this match get on YouTube and watch it IMMEDIATELY! This match should be considered Match of the Year. The way these two battled in the ring was nothing short of amazing. Sami Zayn will be a notable addition to the main roster once his time is called but for now the former masked luchador should be gold belt material in the NXT Universe.

Heel of the Week: Leo Kruger (NXT)

Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever wanted to know who is the reason why you can’t sleep at night, look no further than Leo Kruger. Now I’m not saying this because he shares the same last name of the horror icon with sharp nails, I say this because the man has a mean streak and is a silent assassin. The South African poacher has been able to stand alone and hunt down his prey. He is able to target his opponent’s weaknesses and inflict damage. Recently, Kruger stepped in the ring with NXT Champion Bo Dallas and laid out a course of punishment. It wasn’t as though he was hunting for the championship; he had the look of a man possessed in delivering pain. Be very careful when you around a man like Leo Kruger because the man can strike at any moment. But you want be aware of when it happens.

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