Seth MacFarlane is well known for his hit television show Family Guy as well as his first film, Ted, which went on to be a box office success, even spawning a sequel that is currently in the works. Unfortunately, however, he will not be remembered for A Million Ways To Die In The West. To be perfectly honest, I do not have much to say so this will be a short one, but let’s get it over with.

I had high hopes for this movie. After watching Ted in theaters and laughing hard as hell while doing so, I really trusted Seth MacFarlane to bring the yucks with his newest film. Even though I don’t particularly like the whole Western setting (except for the Red Dead series) I was sold because I was certain that MacFarlane wouldn’t let his work be average. I was wrong. (I guess I should have expected it what with the last couple of seasons of Family Guy declining in quality.)

Maybe it’s because of the crowd of people that were in the theater with me, but a lot of the jokes in the movie fell flat, particularly the dialogue between MacFarlane’s character (Albert) and Charlize Theron‘s character (Anna). It seemed as if MacFarlane was trying to flirt with Theron using the worst jokes ever while the camera was accidentally filming them the entire time. The subplot between Giovanni Ribisi‘s character (Edward) and Sarah Silverman‘s character (Ruth) was strange. It was overly dirty humor that wasn’t really necessary to the film, it was just kind of…there. Don’t get me wrong, there were several times where I laughed, particularly at the Arabic chant scene, but I just watched this movie on release day and I can’t really remember any of the jokes from it, whereas I only saw Ted once and I can name several scenes from it. I am not opposed to toilet humor, but there’s a scene that lasts about a minute with Neil Patrick Harris pooping into a hat. Really? For every joke that made me laugh, there were two others that had me wondering why it was in the film at all.

The Bottom Line: Average. That is the best way that I can describe this movie. As I said before, I don’t have too much to say on this one. It left me very disappointed. I had high expectations for this film after Ted, as did everyone else who went to watch it. Again, admittedly, there were several jokes in the film that kept me laughing, but overall it did not hold up to the caliber of previous MacFarlane works. If Ted 2 takes the same direction this film did in terms of comedy, then I will have lost all faith in MacFarlane’s comedic abilities.