Another Day, Another Set Of Secret Empire Teasers From Marvel

We've been sharing the teasers from Secret Empire (see here and here) over the last few days and today Marvel unveiled six new ones. Check them out below.

Marvel Wants You To Trust The Secret Empire

Marvel continues to tease its coming Secret Empire storyline and here is the latest teaser.If you missed the first teaser you can check it out here.

Marvel Comics First Look: Defenders #1

Cover: David Marquez Artist: David Marquez | Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Release Date: June 2017When it comes to the Defenders all eyes are on Netflix but the TV won't be the only place to get...

Marvel Offers Digital Preview Of Monsters Unleashed #1 Ahead Of Release

A few weeks back Marvel teased their upcoming Monsters Unleashed arc and while the art and concept look interesting and appealing the reaction I've heard from most of my fellow comic...

Marvel Comics First Look: Scarlet Spider #1

Cover: Mark Bagley Artist: Mark Bagley | Writer: Peter David Release Date: April 2017If you were reading Spider-Man during the Clone Saga then you'll know Ben Reilly was a big part of that story...

Marvel Unveils Teaser For Secret Empire

Marvel sent a cryptic email to us today and the tagline for the email was "A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand" along with this image.If you have been reading Captain...

Marvel Comics First Look: Nick Fury #1

Cover: Aco Artist: Aco | Writer: James Robinson Release Date: April 2017Nick Fury steps out on his own in a new ongoing series launching in April.  Marvel's premiere super spy tackles a variety of missions across...

Marvel Comics First Look: Deadpool vs. Punisher #1

Cover: Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire Artist: Pere Perez | Writer: Fred Van Lente Release Date: April 2017What happens when the unkillable "Merc with a Mouth" crosses paths with Frank Castle? Bullets and fireworks...

Marvel Comics First Look: Iron Fist #1

Cover: Jeff Dekal Artist: Mike Perkins  | Writer: Ed Brisson Release Date: March 2017Iron Fist takes center stage once again with a new ongoing series hitting comic book retailers in 2017.My Take: I...

Marvel Comics First Look: Generation X #1

Cover: Terry Dodson Artist: Amilcar Pinna | Writer: Christina Strain Release Date: Spring 2017Marvel brings back Generation X as part of their ResurrXion arc and while the class of mutants and team leader may...

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