Sadly, last night we saw the ending of the greatest reign of dominance of a MMA fighter ever. Anderson Silva had won his last 16 fights, finishing 14 of them – at times looking like a video game character as he embarrassed world-class fighters. Last night he seemed on the way to doing the same thing to Chris Weidman as he clowned him in the first round and part of the second round. But as we learned last night, you can only play that game for so long as Silva got knocked out mid-taunt. It saddened me to see this not only because Silva lost, but because of the ridiculous reaction of MMA fans. I saw statements all over the web saying things like he was “never that good” among other completely asinine statements. Sadly, this is the same reaction so-called MMA fans had when Fedor lost. It seems MMA fans wait for legends to lose and act as if they sucked all along. I don’t understand it. There are even MMA journalists that are angry about his performance. I can do nothing but shake my head at them. For my part, I want to say congratulations to Chris Weidman for dethroning the greatest of all time.

  • I still believe if he had actually fought intelligently Anderson could have won the fight.
  • I have no idea how I should feel about the Middleweight division now that the king has been usurped.
  • Frankie and Do Bronx went to war and had a great fight. Do Bronx needs a boxing coach though, he never moved his head which is what kept getting him tagged.
  • So did you guys know that a Gracie has not won a fight in the UFC since 1994? There is a reason for that – they seem allergic to learning how to wrestle or do any stand up.
  • Mark Munoz beat the piss out of Tim Boetsch no two ways about it.
  • Cub Swanson is cold man! I don’t know if he would beat Aldo in a rematch, but dammit that would that be a fun ass fight.
  • I was in a really bad car crash yesterday and I’d rather do that again then get kicked in the leg repeatedly by Edson Barboza (just kidding….sorta).

Violence time boys and girls, and since that might have been the last time we see the Spider, I think its only right to watch him work:

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