Jose Aldo remained the best Featherweight in the world with a somewhat less-than-action-packed fight with the “Korean Zombie”. Watching the fight live, I was confused as to why Aldo wasn't throwing more leg kicks, but it turns out that he broke his foot with the very first kick he threw -which speaks to his toughness and skill to still dominate the fight with straight boxing and wrestling. Speaking of toughness, it absolutely sucks that Jung lost due to dislocating his shoulder. I have no idea what Aldo is going to do after this fight whether it is moving up to 155 lbs. or staying at 145 lbs., but I can't wait to see it.

Source: Yahoo Sports
  • Is there anything more manly than Zombie trying to pop his shoulder back into place mid-fight or Aldo noticing it and kicking it mercilessly?
  • Phil Davis lost his fight with Lyoto Machida! I have no idea in what universe he won a single round at all.
  • Shockingly,Thales Leites looked good against Tom Watson.
  • John Lineker is a vicious little dynamo and it sucks that he missed weight. He might have been fighting for the Flyweight title next with a victory.
  • Ian McCall finally got a win in the UFC. I was scared that the “casual fans” would never get to see how good Uncle Creepy really is.


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