Anthony Pettis finally did what he promised back in 2010 when he beat Benson Henderson for the WEC Lightweight title and that is win the UFC Lightweight title. The fight started out slowly with Ben Henderson pushing Pettis up against the cage trying to work his wrestling and close the distance. Once Pettis got distance though, the fight was a entirely different story. Pettis landed 4 consecutive body kicks that visibly hurt Henderson and backed him up. The beginning of the end was actually when Pettis attempted a cartwheel kick and got taken down. He immediately snatched an arm bar and forced Ben Henderson to verbally tap. Pretty Tony earned this title and hopefully he holds onto it for a while.

Source: MMA Mania
  • I’m not really sure what you do with Ben Henderson right now; you can’t give him Pettis right away because he has lost to him twice now… maybe give him Gray Maynard.
  • Josh Barnett straight slapped Frank Mir to sleep. I don’t think Barnett has a chance in hell against Cain, but he will be an interesting Heavyweight.
  • Chad Mendes straight up brained Clay Guida.
  • Ben Rothwell beat up Brandon Vera and I really don’t see the need to be excited about that.
  • Erik Koch and Dustin Poirier put on one hell of a fight.



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