Cain Velasquez  just probably ruined the career of the second best heavyweight in the world. JDS has sustained more brain damage in 50 min against Cain than a NFL running back does in a 10 year career. I have no idea what his game plan was actually supposed to be because it didn’t seen to be any different from their second fight he just allowed himself to be pushed against the cage and bludgeoned over and over again. Cain has now basically beaten the only guy in the division I feel has any legit shot of beating him and made it look easy. Cain is a scary man.

Source: MMA Corner
  •   The coolest moment of the night to me was when Cain met JDS in the middle of the cage during his prefight ritual.
  • I wasn't joking about brain damage JDS has said he doesn’t remember the fight after round 2 that means he took 15min of life altering brain damage
  • Daniel Cormier looked good to me and  his striking has come a long way really fast. Roy Nelson is nothing more than a gate-keeper now that’s all.
  • Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez put on a show. It was a really one-sided fight that was entertaining because Diego never took a step back even though he was getting mopped up
  • For a 5’3” 125 pound man to have that kind of mind melting power is insane. John Dodson is a freaky little dude.



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