I know that people forget this, but MMA fighters (even the great ones) are……ominous music…..human beings. GSP is just a man, who, for more than a decade has been on both ends of punches to the head by other men; and in case anyone was confused that’s really not good for your health. I personally thought Johny Hendricks had 3 out of 5 rounds (if not 4) but that isn’t really the story here unfortunately. GSP lost the fight in most people's eyes and when Joe Rogan asked him about it he said he didn't remember most of it and then somewhat reluctantly retired. At the post fight press conference, he went into far more detail about his apparent depression, inability to sleep and memory loss. His reasons are telltale signs that one should probably no longer be fighting. It pissed me off that Dana White said that GSP owes it to both the UFC and Johny Hendricks to stay in the sport. What  does he owe you Dana – his sanity or his life? This sport is beautiful but as fans we never take into account the hell these men go through in order to entertain us.

Source: MMAWeekly.com
  • Johny Hendricks clearly won 3 out of 5 rounds – I have no idea how you give GSP 3 rounds it makes no sense.
  • If another fucking person tells me you have to knock the champ out to take his belt I’m going to smack you – that rhetoric also makes n0 sense.
  • Rashad Evans mauled Chael Sonnen and continues to show that Senor Chael is a high level gate-keeper at very best.
  • Rory Macdonald basically gave up the first round of his fight with Robbie Lawler then got mauled in Round 3. This was by far the biggest win in Robbie’s career.
  • So, Tyron Woodley straight up froze Koscheck in the air and hit him with a fatality that was VIOLENT!
  • Donald Cerrone straight up beat the piss out of Evan Dunham.
  • Sergio Pettis looked pretty good in his debut fight.

Violence time kiddies:

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