Most of the Legends of the Hurt Business don’t get to go out as the celebrated lords of fighting we talk about in hushed tones to people who have not had the honor of seeing said legends' other-worldly abilities. Sadly, these heroes tend to leave their sport as beaten and broken shells of their former greatness. Everyone knows about Muhammad Ali’s greatest moments, yet most don’t know about the sad ending of his career as he showed the signs of Parkinson's disease which ails him today. MMA is still young so for the most part our legends are still fighting, but we may have lost one to a horrific injury during UFC168. Anderson Silva had clearly lost a step as the physical monster that had destroyed Rich Franklin was no longer there and was replaced with a savvy veteran with immense skill and KO power. No, that is not why he lost though – he lost on a freak injury stemming from a kick that he has probably thrown a million times over his whole life. It was a sad image to see him lying on the mat writhing in pain after shattering his shin. I don’t want to take anything away from Chris Weidman, he seemed like he was well on his way to winning the fight, but I would have rather seen him win decisively. In the end, the moral of this story is that this is the Hurt Business and most of the time we don’t get the ending for our heroes that we want.

  • I hope to God Chris Weidman destroys Vitor Belfort – his very presence annoys me.
  • I found it pretty hilarious that people were picking Miesha Tate and were impressed that she made it out of the first round even though the entire fight she was getting the shit beat out of her.
  • Ronda Rousey is the Base God.
  • Travis Browne is a beast – I don’t think he beats Cain or JDS, but he is a problem for just about anybody else.
  • Dustin Porier looked really good, systematically beating his opponent down even after he had been knocked down himself.
  • Chris Leben is done.
  • Uriah Hall continues to not impress me – he has no killer instinct whatsoever.

And now, a tribute to the living legend that is Anderson Silva:

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