Renan Barao has been the king of the Bantamweights for a long time and has more or less dominated everybody he fought, that was up until Saturday when TJ Dillashaw basically walked up to him in the cage and pistol whipped him. TJ showed footwork and power that I have never seen him even hint towards being able to do. He beat the hell out of Barao in every single round, knocking him down in the first and basically continuing to smack him around in the cage. Going into the 5th round, Barao looked like he no longer wanted to fight MMA for a living anymore. TJ just might be the next great fighter in MMA and I am really looking forward to watching him continue to get better.


  • Oh how I loved TJ’s footwork – it was a absolutely beautiful to watch him move in and out and simply schooled Barao.
  • I hope Barao isn’t as mentally broken as he looked, after all he is still the 2nd best in the division.
  • Daniel Cormier absolutely mauled and rag dolled Dan Henderson, It was scary to see how easily he was able to just throw Henderson.
  • DC vs. Jon Jones NOW.
  • Robbie Lawler is amazing. His brand of violence is the purest, most beautiful brand of violence.
  • Jake Ellenberger is done as a top level fighter – he cannot put together any sort of offense against really good fighters.
  • Shout out to Jamie Varner for fighting most of his fight with a broken foot, though his corner probably should have called his fight.

Footwork so much great footwork:

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