UFC 179

Let me start this post by saying this: as a whole, UFC 179 was pretty mediocre and there was literally only one other fight besides the main event on the card that was even worth giving a damn about. Now with that being said, Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes put on one fucking hell of a fight! Their first fight ended with Jose Aldo blasting Mendes with a knee in the first round, and this time around was a completely different beast. Mendes has improved drastically in the striking department since their first fight and it showed. Mendes hit Aldo hard repeatedly and even knocked him down at one point. Jose Aldo, on the other hand, actually looked motivated from start to finish – which has been a knock on him in the past. The two of them beat the hell out of each other and showed that they were clearly #1 and #2 in the division and no one else is close.

  • I really don't see Conor McGregor beating either Aldo or Mendes – with that being said I cannot wait to see him fight Aldo.
  • So, Phil Davis wrestled the shit out of Glover Teixeira and then called out Anderson Silva…which…was…strange.
  • That basically sums up the things that mattered on this card sooooo BONUS VIDEO TIME!


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