Let me go ahead and say this…..Anthony Pettis is the most gifted offensive fighter in the short history of MMA, and that includes being better than Anderson Silva. Pretty Tony Pettis has finished his last three opponents in ways that completely undermine their strengths. Hey Donald Cerrone, you have an iron chin? That's okay. I'll just wreck your insides with a liver kick. Ben Henderson, you are made of rubber and can't be submitted? That's okay. I'll just catch you in an arm bar and snap your shit up. Gilbert Melendez, you have never been finished in 12 years and 25 fights? Oh well, I'll just catch you with a perfectly placed punch then guillotine you. If Pettis can stay healthy he might end up being the best lightweight ever and it might not even be close. Here's what I have to say about the rest of the card.

  • 12 years of unrealized potential came to fruition on Saturday night when Robbie Lawler earned the UFC Welterweight title.
  • I actually think Johnny Hendricks won, but he let it be in question by basically stalling all of the 5th round until Robbie Lawler woke up and beat the fuck out of him…He can't blame anyone else for this loss but himself.
  • So Travis Brown mauled Brandon Schaub which was expected by anyone who had ever seen either one of them fight.
  • I really hope Todd Duffee can stay healthy because he is an absolute freak.
  • Tony Ferguson might be the most underrated Lightweight in the UFC – he just keeps winning.
  • Alright let me get to the elephant in the room – CM Punk…. I have seen some MMA fans say they are offended by him being signed which I really don't understand if you liked Pride (which was full of pro wrestlers). His signing was to get people to watch the sport. That is it. He will never contend for anything all he will do is put asses in seats and eyeballs on tv's so get off your high horses and shut the fuck up.


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