After UFC 182, I think it is time that we start looking at Jon Jones as possibly the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. In my opinion, he already has become the greatest Light Heavyweight ever and its really not even close. Last Saturday's fight against Daniel Cormier was supposed to represent the toughest opponent Jones has ever fought. For the first two rounds, it seemed that was the case as Jon took the first round and Daniel took the second, but from then on it was a wipeout by Jones. The fight culminated in the fourth round as Jones took the former Olympic wrestler down twice. We might be looking at the best of all time and he is only 27 years old – so love him or hate him but he is on the verge of becoming a legend.

  • I loved how Jones didn't let the beef die at the end of the fight, giving DC the DX crotch chop and basically making it known he still doesn't like him.
  • Daniel Cormier should move back up to Heavyweight with Cain. Since they are always injured they would never have to fight each other and he would probably win the belt.
  • The Myles Jury vs. Donald Cerrone fight was pretty lame mostly because Jury seemed scared to actually engage and lost because of it.
  • Nate Marquardt should probably think about retiring.
  • Kyoji Horiguchi looked good beating up an over-matched opponent.
  • I have ┬áno idea what the hell Josh Burkman‘s fight strategy was against Hector Lombard.

Highlight on that ass:

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