Anderson Silva didn't look like the same guy that had terrorized the middle weight division for years, but he didn't look that far off. He tagged Nick Diaz multiple times but also looked like he was a bit hesitant from time to time. The fight itself was somewhat bizarre to watch because of Nick's antics (which for strategic reason's made sense more on that later) but Silva looked good, all things considered. That being said I do not want to see him fight Chris Weidman again it will end really poorly for him he just isn't that guy anymore. Put him up against a guy like Micheal Bisping and let him have fun fights.

  • So I saw a lot of people being critical of Diaz's antics there was a method to his madness. Silva is an amazing counter fighter but if you make him lead he is almost hesitant to do anything. All of Nick's talking and antics were meant to make Anderson attack first it just didn't work.
  • Tyron Woodley is a great fighter when he dictates the pace and can back you up he couldn't do that against Gastelum who looked good despite badly missing weight
  • Kevin Gastelum has got to get a nutritionist there is 0 excuse for missing weight by 10.5 lbs
  • Al Iaquinta looked really good against Joe Lauzon
  • Jordan Mein has a good future in the UFC, but Thiago Alves hits hard!

Highlight time!!!!!!!

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