What more can be said at this point about Ronda Rousey? She beat probably the second best fighter in her division in 14 mother fucking seconds. All of her fights combined equal up to 25 minutes and 2 seconds of fight time – that is absolutely insane. At this point, she is the force to be reckoned with in MMA and the best female fighter in any sport I think we have ever seen. I have no idea who they will put in there against her next, but lets see if she makes it a full 30 seconds.

Now to the actual card:

  • The wrong way arm bar Rousey hit on Zingano was insane. You rarely see that in MMA, hell I can't remember ever seeing that in jiu-jitsu either.
  • Cat Zingano's aggressive style really hurt her here. You do not sprint into Rousey – it will end horribly for you.
  • Holly Holm looked like she was nervous as shit and still won 2 out of 3 rounds…I don't know why people expected her to be some sort of colossal puncher in MMA;  she had 4 KO's in over 40 fights as a boxer. Her style is based on volume and that left high kick. She is still really young in her career so I think she will improve.
  • Jake Ellenberger made Koscheck look like he had overdosed on drugs with that choke.
Image Source: Bloody Elbow


  • I had never seen Alan Jouban fight before, but he brought the violence with that elbow.
  • Tony Ferguson looked awesome beating up the always tough Gleison Tibau.
  • If you didn't get a chance to see the Alexa Grasso vs. Mizuki Inoue on the Invicta card on Friday do yourself a favor – Grasso will be the UFC 115lb. Champ in the next year, mark my words.


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