Show Notes

Brian gets fed up with the echo and decides to quit the show

Brian’s looming unemployment


Top 20 and Other Drinking Games

[00:01:30] – Top 20 Titles of the Week

  • Kevin uses Gamestop to fabricate a Top 12 list for the drinking game (but the gang still gets to drink)
  • The gang discusses whether or not a console counts as a game if games are bundled with it
  • Superhero discussions on Batman killing people, the old 70s Hulk tv show (and whether or not the Hulk could save us from drowning)

[00:14:38] – The Hosts’ Weeks in Review

  • Brian hates technical difficulties
  • Donnie wins at Cheesecake but loses at having a good mic
  • LarryMac’s car sucks and he lets the kids watch “Cannibal Holocaust”
  • Cheating at bar trivia

[00:29:24] – New Releases

[00:31:01] – This Week’s News

  • New 1TB Xbox One
  • Is anyone making games for the Kinect?
  • “Witcher” patching: candles and cows
  • Exciting radio, as the gang watches the “Fallout 4” trailer
  • “I Am Bread”
  • Steam controller pre-order

[00:50:14] – This Week’s E-Mail

  • “Sisters” on the Google VR headset
  • “Witcher 3”, “Fallout 4”, and Donny hates first-person shooters



No announcements this week.



No guests this week


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Larry Mac was born and raised in Cleveland – yet another calamity to befall that once proud town. He grew up with roleplaying games because video games weren’t invented way back then and has since devoted himself to music, movies and anything else that distracts him from what passes for his real life. After realizing that his years as a working-class computer nerd had made him bitter and miserable he decided to be a writer, so here he is – ready to tell you why “Sharknado” is a better film than “Gone With the Wind” and why painful dental procedures are better than “Old Boy”.