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RW Live Blog: WWE Hell in the Cell (2014)

  WWE Hell in The Cell goes down tonight! While the card is decent you can definitely see that certain matches were just tossed together. While some consider this a filler PPV...

RW Live Blog: WWE RAW (1/19/15)

The final RAW before the Royal Rumble heads your way tonight! What will Heyman have to say about Rollin's attack on Lesnar? What is going to happen with Ryback, Ziggler and...

The MTR Pick 10: Moves Formerly Known as Finishers

In our latest MTR Pick 10, I decided to look at moves that were formerly used as finishers and are now utilized in matches as standard moves. While some wrestlers still...

Buried! Hell in a Cell [2012]

WWE’s Hell in a Cell was this past Sunday, and that’s the perfect way to describe the tension here at Buried! Hell! This whole lawsuit that is going on has gotten...

MTR Live Blog: WWE RAW (6/2/14)

The WWE Payback has come and gone and while Daniel Bryan did not defend his belt there were a lot of great stories throughout the entire card. Tonight we find out...

Buried! SmackDown (5/17/12)

I’ve heard rumors for a while now that SmackDown has been a league above RAW recently, so I decided to check this bad bitch out. Also, I find SmackDown Buried! way...

An MMA Commentary Mainstay Becomes The Voice Of SmackDown In 2016

When you ask MMA fans to give you their favorite play by play commentators (man/woman) you get a short but solid list with guys like Joe Rogan, Michael Schiavello, Pat Militech...

Guest Post: The Return of Brock Lesnar to the WWE

Brock Lesnar made his return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on April 2, just one day after the famed WrestleMania 28 Pay-Per-View event. The move came at the end of the...

Buried! Pre-Elimination Chamber 2014 Special

Buried! is satire, reader discretion is advised It would be an understatement to say that it’s been a busy time in the WWE as of late. The Road to WrestleMania is well...

The End of Buried! A History of Greatness

Buried City, Earth — RAGE Works has suspended Buried! indefinitely, effective immediately, for its first and last violation of the company’s talent wellness policy. Blame SummerSlam 2016 After my deliberation, and realizing that...

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