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My Take On: Steroids & Pro-Wrestling

Earlier today I read a great post from ECW great and current member of the TNA roster Raven. Before continuing my post please read his commentary first. Raven’s thoughts on steroids:"The sheets...

Wrestling has no personality anymore

Here at My Take Radio, we are all about individual opinions, hence the name. Fellow staff writer Bryan wrote an article similar to this one in late 2009 and this is...

Deep Impact-What is the problem with TNA Impact?

TNA has been riding the wave of Hulkamania recently, which while good in theory, has done nothing to improve TNA wrestling overall. Like any fan that watches wrestling I am used to...

My Take On: The John Cena Enigma

In an era where the WWE has gone the PG route and shed the "attitude" that made them a phenomenon, one constant has remained - and that is the love/hate relationship...

The End Of The Heartbreak Era

On March 28, 2010,  the world got to see the “last match” in the legendary career of Shawn Michaels. As a wrestling fan, I truly feel old watching it all unfold....

Cool Moments from Monday’s TNA Impact Broadcast

If you haven’t been watching TNA either because of Hogan & Bischoff or because the promotion hasn’t got you attention then check out some of the better segments from this past...

Putting The “Sport” Back In Sports Entertainment

Growing up I watched a lot of wrestling. Over the past ten years or so I'd drift in and out of it, watching for several weeks in a row and then...

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