Well, it's about that time for one final end of the year wrap up…and yes, it will be short and direct. May we present to you the annual Rageys for Wrestling. –Jay

I am glad Jay brought this concept to my attention and I am happy to be a part of it. –Rich 


Left TV and No One Cared
Jay: No, I did not give this one to CM Punk (as some would expect) but instead handed this one to TNA Impact.

Rich: Bo Dallas! His gimmick was losing steam and honestly his injury couldn't have come at a better time.



I'm Doing Better After I Left TNA
Jay: Amazing Red. The man has seen some success with his House of Glory school and promotion this past year.

Rich: AJ Styles because he showed that careers can thrive in Japan.



Most Anticipated Promotion of the Year
Jay: Global Force Wrestling. Jeff Jarrett has some big plans for the fans with the help of NJPW.

Rich: I agree with Jay and see Global Force becoming a refreshing alternative to WWE, TNA, and ROH. I also feel their work with NJPW will be a big help.



Looks Good on Paper
Jay: Lucha Underground. The look and feel is promising, but the contracts and story arcs are suspect.

Rich: The alleged Tough Enough reboot because with NXT being so popular it makes no sense to create another “rookie” based show.



Podcast of the Year
Jay: Of course, I would say our own My Take Radio is great, but Stone Cold's podcast is fantastic. The man speaks as if he's an outside fan looking in.

Rich: Definitely not shilling My Take Radio or The Buried Show as that would be the easy out! I'd say Art of Wrestling, Jim Ross' podcast and the newly launched Taz podcast. Sam Roberts has also been doing a solid wrestling themed podcast.



How Do They Do It
Jay: TNA. I'm amazed how this position is capable of re-signing talent with such low income.

Rich: Lucha Underground! Solid wrestling on a fledgling network has been generating quite a buzz even with the limited exposure due to El Rey not being available everywhere.



Ready for the Next Level
Jay: Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

Rich: TNA on Destination America. I say this because the network is truly going out of their way to promote the product and is offering ample TV time for certain TNA programming along with Impact replays.



Promotion of the Year
Jay: NXT. Was consistent all year.

Rich: Definitely NXT!



Superstar of the Year
Jay: Dean Ambrose. The guy broke away and made himself a star.

Rich: Sami Zayn. El Generico has come a long way from the ROH days and impresses both in the ring and outside of it.



Disappointment of the Year
Jay: Cesaro. Not his fault, but this man should be in a position within the company by now.

Rich: The New Day! The continued insistence to pigeonhole minority Superstars in racially-charged gimmicks continues to be a hinderance.


In Need of a Better Company
Jay: Austin Aries. This man will be an instant star anywhere.

Rich: Bully Ray. Bully Ray created an amazing singles persona in TNA but after the Aces and Eights debacle, it became apparent that TNA had lost any creative juice regarding Bully's booking.



Shocker of the Year
Jay: The Undertaker's Streak being broken

Rich: The passing of The Ultimate Warrior. It was heartbreaking as a fan to finally see a great legend get in the Hall of Fame only for him to be taken from us.



The Signing That Never Happened
Jay: Kurt Angle to WWE

Rich: Willie Mac to WWE



Worst Gimmick
Jay: Los Matadores

Rich: New Day and Adam Rose.



Best Gimmick
Jay: Stardust

Rich: Mil Muertes ( Lucha Underground)



Best Stable
Jay: Bullet Club

Rich: Definitely Bullet Club



Worst Stable
Jay: James Storm's Brood

Rich: The Authority! Corporate Kane and J&J Security are the worst!



Best Female Wrestler
Jay: Paige

Rich: Gail Kim



Worst Female Wrestler
Jay: Eva Marie

Rich: Eva Marie for sure!



Match of the Year
Jay: Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville: Part1

Rich: Zayn vs.Neville, Zayn vs. Cesaro



Wrestlers to Watch for 2015
Jay: Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Drake Younger, The Young Bucks, Ricochet

Rich: Owens, Balor, Zayn, Neville, Mizdow, Awesome Kong


  1. Disappointment of the Year – Sting.

    Hi, I’m Sting. I’m just gonna stand here for a bit and then walk away. I got everyone hyped that I am in WWE noe but I have neither said nor done anything of import.

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