Buried! is back! After a one week hiatus, it’s time to get the ball rolling again. Granted, it wasn't my fault that there wasn't a Buried!, RAW was simply too good. I literally couldn't bury anyone, a first for the article. So, I figured I didn't have enough material and decided to save it for SmackDown. Problem was that SmackDown didn’t suck either, and I was caught up in some other business (read on to find out). However, here we are with what I am calling SuperBuried! This  will include my thoughts  from RAW of February 4th, SmackDown of February 8th, and from last night's RAW. Because that’s what I do!

RAW was kind of lack luster. But for some reason, I still don’t have a lot to say. Maybe I’m losing my luster, kind of like The Miz. The Miz almost killed his second wrestler in under a year. This fuck up was so bad, it might end with him back in the dog house. In 2012, he almost ended R-Truth‘s career and the other day, he dropped CM Punk straight on his neck. Can’t sell a Survivor Series PPV and can’t do the Figure 4 leg lock, but he can be…


What the fuck were they thinking letting Team Hell No keep the belts? They haven’t competed in a tag team match since the Rumble. Sure that doesn't seem like that long ago, but they are going to be at the chamber, in a singles match! Their storyline is done! It should have ended with them being friends and dropping the belt to Rhodes Scholars. The men who revitalized the tag team division, have now ended it. Hey, at least we have the second Rhodes Scholars reunion to look forward to.


RAW 2/4/12

Before we start the Buried!, it was The Shield who cut out the lights out at the Super Bowl.

So to start off RAW, CM Punk (who is currently celebrating his 442nd day as the reigning WWE Champion despite not having the belt in it’s physical form) came out bitching. Actually, it was more about him ranting about the social injustice of being unfairly persecuted for working in collusion with The Shield. Quite frankly, I’m Team Punk. So here's to the the new People’s Champion and his 442-day reign.

I wish I could bury the fuck out of Ol’ Vinnie Mac, but Blade did a fantastic job doing it last week via Buried! Spotlight: Vince McMahon. Quite frankly, I think it makes him an early contender for “Mr. Six Feet Under 2013”.

This has been such a good RAW so far that it may include zero burials. I just feel like praising these awesome individuals, like Cody Rhodes. Cody is perhaps the greatest talent the WWE has in its' stable. The man is the pinnacle of a gimmick train. There was: Legacy Cody Rhodes, Dashing Cody Rhodes, Disfigured Cody Rhodes, Crazy Cody Rhodes, and now Moustache Cody Rhodes. He changes his gimmick just as we start to get sick of it. Maybe other wrestlers should grow moustaches to become interesting? Wait, never mind, Big Show and Tensai are still boring despite the face fuzz. Perhaps Sin Cara would benefit from it.


SmackDown 2/8/12

Before we get to SmackDown tonight, have you heard Zack Ryder’s Hoeski? It is an abomination to my ears. And apparently there are actually people buying it on iTunes? I just don’t get it. You pirate every other artist on the planet, but nope, not Zack Ryder. Fuck outta here.




Big Show…I don’t get him tonight. He comes out yelling at the audience because he is being unfairly scrutinized “Just because I’m not popular”.  First off Big Show, thank you for stating the obvious. But he also calls Alberto Del Rio popular. Bitch who the fuck are you talking about popular? My left nut is more trending than that Mexican arista-cat. Or should I say arista-perro. No, Ricardo Rodriguez is popular. He is the heart and soul of Del Rio. Without Rodriguez, Alberto is one dry ass river.


Mark Henry is back, and he’s pissed. I have never seen The Great Kahli look afraid, except tonight. Mark Henry delivered the World's Strongest Slam to the Punjabi nightmare. Sure it’s impressive, but considering that Cesaro delivered the neutralizer to him already, it just seems inadequate by comparison. Let’s just hope for a Henry vs. Cesaro feud for the title of true “Worlds Strongest Man.”