We’re here for a mini Buried. This weekend was Extreme Rules and full of unadulterated fun. Don't expect this to be a full-blown Buried where me and Blade destroy the egos of everyone in the WWE, nope, just a few quick fuck you’s to a couple of folks. Let's get this out-of-the-way.

No ladies and gentlemen, that is not Don Corleone and a skinny Steve Austin. That is Sabu and Justin Credible, AKA the next two members into the Hall of Buried. Sabu and Justin were supposed to wrestle at an event called Extreme Reunion, but obviously , they were too obliterated to even get up. The best part about this story  is that Credible took the picture of Sabu  and, in an ironic twist of fate, Justin was found hunched over in the same position as Sabu.  So of course someone had to snap a picture. Justin, if your going to mock someone by taking a picture of them being totally shit faced, at least don’t end up looking just like them by the end of the night.


Now that is out-of-the-way, let's get to Extreme Rules. I have a serious problem with Kane VS Randy. As I already pointed out in my WrestleMania buried, when they fought on the grandest stage of them all, it was simply a lead up to a fight at extreme rules. Once you’ve seen one Randy Orton and Kane Fight, you’ve seen them all. Just because you throw Zack Ryder into the mix doesn’t mean that I'm not pissed of that im seeing this fight again. I just don’t get it, what exactly did Randal do different this time to defeat Kane that he’s never done before? Did he learn to shoot a promo, DAHHHH don’t make me laugh. Blandy Boreton, finally welcome to the Hall.


NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! How the hell does Sheamus retaining the belt make sense in Vince McMahon‘s head! How the fuck do you create an internet meme known as Yesing and not put the gold on the man who invented it.  Like I just don’t get it, I can do math to determine who should be champ. Sheamus + not being over = no belt. Daniel Bryan + being over= belt. SO WHERE IS HIS BELT!  You know what… screw it,  the world heavy weight belt isn't even that cool honestly. Maybe Daniel can go after Cody and the IC belt and have the greatest feud of 2012. So for once, maybe this is good. Daniel, move on, you’re too awesome for that garbage anyway.


  • Quark & Blade Present: Buried! WWE RAW (4/23/12)(mytakeradio.com)


  1. not quarks best, but im sure after hearing this kind of encouragement, the boys will do an awesome raw buried!

  2. I am sure they will be glad to hear that Jayson. I am glad to have them onboard to give the MTR audience something different.

  3. I like Blade and Quark. Not only do they speak the gospel on WWE’s BS, they do it in a hilarious way. Keep it up!

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