Buried! Roman Reigns?


I’m not kidding when I say I screamed for a good three minutes when the news of Roman Reign's suspension broke. But, once I heard his suspension is only for 30 days and that Battleground is five weeks away, I could rest easy knowing that the Shield Triple Threat is safe. Considering that Roman Reigns was the heir apparent to John Cena’s throne, it’s interesting to see that he’s really the second coming of Jack Swagger in terms of horribly timed violations. Quite frankly, I suspect that this suspension has been a long time coming. The WWE can act whenever they want to in regards to a wellness violation. If a storyline is going strong in the eyes of Vince McMahon, he isn’t going to stop it just because of a policy he invented. Hell, they even waited to suspend R-Truth (of all people) when he was feuding with The Rock.

They knew Roman was getting suspended and they purposely teased the Shield Triple Threat just to take it away from us. Because let’s be honest, we all knew this match is too big for Battleground. Vince waiting til’ now to suspend Roman allows us to continue the trend of shocking summer moments as if the brand split wasn’t shocking enough.

  • 2010- The Nexus
  • 2011- Summer of Punk
  • 2012- Punk’s Heel Turn
  • 2013- The Birth of The Authority
  • 2014- Seth Rollin's Heel Turn
  • 2015-Divas Revolution
  • 2016- Roman Reigns' Suspension
  • 2017- CM Punk’s Return
  • 2018- Vince dies

The only big name star that has had a violation in several years has been Randy Orton, but never this early in his career and never when he was this high on the card. Pun intended. It’s been a long time coming since we got a juicy suspension. There were guys on Reddit wetting themselves just picturing Roman Reigns sitting at home. It wasn’t enough for them to have Konnor or Adam Rose be suspended, no, “The Guy” needed to be caught. As if they caught a world-class criminal who has evaded them for years.

But let’s be honest here, can I really bury Roman Reigns?  Is he a stupid fuck? Absolutely. Has he been phoning it in for months and making excuses for what he did? No. The internet has jaded me. (A/K/A, it has made me less of an asshole.) We live in a world where a piece of shit like Aldo Rose (who mocks domestic violence by pitching the idea of a picture of his mugshot on a wifebeater) got a pass from the internet after he fought his wellness violation tooth and nail. Yet a guy like Roman Reigns, who manned up and consistently puts on solid matches, gets torn to shreds because he’s not an internet darling. That’s just plain unacceptable. I can't in good conscious bury Roman for this violation. Hopefully, this will lead to a Roman Reigns de-push. But Aldo Rose is…



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