If you didn't read Part 1, click HERE to see why I'm going head to head with The IWC. For everyone else, read on!

The IWC Vs. The Long Game

As tradition, the IWC had to bitch about something even in NXT Takeover: Rival. Many people were moaning the finish to the main event made Sami look weak and that they NEED to know what was going to happen next in his career! Whatever happened to, I don’t know, fucking waiting for plot development? That’s like being pissed your favorite show ends on a really good cliffhanger and you have to wait for next week to find out more. What’s interesting is how the IWC complains about WWE’s lack of letting “The Long Game” play out…yet demand instant satisfaction like a spoiled child who wants a dessert before they eat their Randy Orton-shaped peas.

The IWC Vs. Randy Orton

Basically, the IWC got mad because Seth Rollins was tricked by Randy Orton into letting his guard down. Let’s get real, everyone knew Randy was going to take out Seth and Orton even acknowledged the fact that it was so obvious. Most of the IWC said that it either took too long for The Viper to strike or that it was literally unbelievable that The Authority would trust Orton, even for a second. I can defend both criticisms by saying that Orton wasn’t stupid and didn’t want to get murdered again, so he played the long game. He waited 'til all of The Authority was out of the building to strike. And let’s look at the Authority as they are a shell of what they once were. Big Show and Kane are washed up, Rollins got dick picks on the web, Golden Boy Reigns has taken out all three of the aforementioned men and HHH is in Tahiti scared shitless of Sting. Meanwhile, Brock has literally taken the WWEWHC hostage, Rusev is being victimized by John Cena, and Mark Henry…well, who cares? With the Authority at its very weakest, why wouldn’t they want Orton on their side? Why wouldn’t they want to play dumb and have the man HHH considers to be like a son back? That’s the problem with the IWC, they only look skin deep at the WWE. They only see what’s there, when really the product is a lot deeper than I think a lot of people give it credit for being. Besides…we eventually got this iconic image, so stop bitching.

The IWC vs. Booking

The common complaint with IWC and the booking in WWE is that the characters are given no motivation as to why they would want to fight the other person. For a while the IWC was saying it made no sense why Sting attacked HHH at Survivor Series or that it made no sense why Bray Wyatt vs. ‘Taker was happening or why the IC title was being defended the way it was or that Brie Bella was just completely fine with Nikki Bella again. The reasoning is simple for all of them…use your damn imagination! You smarks think you're hot shit when you're booking your own storyline featuring fucking Cesaro winning the Subway Sandwich Battle Royal and facing Ryback for the Hardcore Championship…but you can’t just imagine why the characters are doing the things they are doing. Here, I'll fucking do it for you.

Sting/ HHH- Sting is a huge Ziggler fan and didn’t want to see HHH cheat his boy out of the “W”, so he interfered to finally put an “end” to The Authority. Why didn’t Sting stop The Authority last year despite similar injustice? Maybe he just really doesn’t like Yes Men.

Bray Wyatt/ Undertaker- Bray wants to kill the Undertaker and steal his power using the urn. ‘Taker wants to kill Bray Wyatt as his evil soul will bring about a younger, revived, huskier dead man.

Brie and Nikki- Brie Bella developed Stockholm Syndrome while under the thumb of Nikki.

The New Day- They just like to have fun.

The Intercontinental Title – I got no explanation…it’s just a great storyline.

Why Goldust and Stardust will “100 percent certainly not have a match at WrestleMania”- Because the IWC can tell the fucking future and know that match isn’t happening-  Stardust kicked Goldust so hard in the head that it actually gave Goldie a concussion. Goldust fought through the pain due to the love of trying to save his brother, but WWE’s illustrious medical staff noticed the signs of a concussion and prevented him from wrestling further until he was cleared. Goldust was given as much time as he needed, with pay, to heal up.

The IWC doesn’t think of this stuff. The IWC shouldn’t even be referred to as “The Internet Wrestling Community,” they should just be “IWC”. In the 7 months within IWC’s confines, I found that there wasn’t a community.  No, just three cold letters that spell out what is a hive mind of a single opinion of three words:

“Fuck Roman Reigns”.