With SmackDown's move to Tuesdays, Buried! will be getting pushed back one day, so expect your daily dose of Buried! goodness on Thursdays for now on…with the exception of today as this week was jam packed with buriable goodness.

The Ending to RAW & SmackDown

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose tour the house down on RAW…only for it to end with a screwy finish that led to RAW ending with Seth Rollins in possession of the championship. However, it turned out that Seth wasn't the champ and the decision was reversed on the WWE Network….I'm sorry, but how was I supposed to know to immediately turn on my network to find out what happened? Do you know how many important events have happened live on the WWE network immediately after RAW? Exactly ONE, almost TWO YEARS AGO! And this only happened because Michael Cole made sure to tell everyone to tune into the network to watch Sheamus defend his title against Rusev. There isn't exactly a precedent set to tune into the network, especially when we aren't even told? Honestly, the only thing you'll find on the WWE Network during RAW is re-runs of Legend's House. SO WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD I THINK THE TRUE ENDING OF RAW IS ON AFTER RAW IS OVER! It's like downloadable content! This ending of this game is a mystery, but to unlock its TRUE ending, you have to download this $9.99 update!

I'm so angry about this because the cliff hanger ending was fantastic! Was Seth really the new champion? How will Dean react to being screwed out of the title? How will Shane McMahon react to the fact that his main guy just lost the companies number one title to his sister's husband's apprentice? All of these questions could have been addressed on SmackDown, but no, they waste it on a freaking post-show! And what was the point of the screwy finish anyway! They had a rematch on SmackDown that ended with Ambrose winning decisively. Seriously, what was the point!!!!!


Draft Kayfabe

The internet was up in arms with the fact that Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Asuka and Bayley weren't called up the main roster. For kayfabe and company reasons, it makes complete sense why they weren't, but the WWE failed to explain this, so I will. From a Kayfabe standpoint, it could be a contract dispute. If I was kayfabe HHH or kayfabe William Regal, I wouldn't let RAW and SmackDown gut my biggest talents from my brand. HHH and Regal have a vested interest in the success of NXT and have control of the contracts of their stars, so they wouldn't let their money makers go so easily. Furthermore, all the previously mentioned members of NXT are all in the title picture. Finally, those names are too big to be relegated to a normal random draft pick. American Alpha and Finn Balor were all expected to be called up anyway, so it was fine to draft them. But the giant pop Nakamura or Bayley will get, shouldn't be wasted at the draft. However, WWE should have explained at least one of these, not let their fans make up their own head canon.


No words, just respect

Random Burials:

  • The draft was overall felt like a confusing letdown. I don't understand how the Tag-Team division and Women's division will work anymore, considering each show only has four or five women and tag-teams per show. Unless the champs are allowed to appear on other shows to challenge other teams, whats the point. Won't American Alpha get bored crushing The Ascension and….X & Y on team Z?
  • Heath Slater not getting drafted is one of the most exciting/hilarious angles that the WWE has done in years. I'm not trolling.
  • If Matt Hardy deleted Jeff Hardy, then why are they still feuding? Less of a burial and more of a WTF moment.
  • I still haven't watched TNA since Final Deletion. I don't understand why I keep watching NXT despite it being borderline unwatchable, yet I miss TNA, which actually has interesting characters and isn't whatever piece of garbage NXT has become.
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  • Roman is going to take a double pin at Battleground

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