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Other events that we attend and cover.

Heading To Atlantic City Boardwalk Con? Here’s What Marvel Has In Store For You

If you are heading to ACBC 2015 this weekend then you'll want to know what Marvel has in store for attendees. Here is their schedule for the weekend and also images...

RW Recap: TTPM Holiday Showcase

We were invited earlier this week to visit the TTPM Holiday Showcase to see some of the new toys heading your way and TTPM's top toys to have on your radar...

RW On Location: FIRE AND ICE: A Conversation with Conan O’Brien & Anderson Cooper

When doing stuff like MTR and RAGE Works, you never know where you will end up or who you will meet. This past Friday, myself and Dani from Royal Flush had...

HurriCon: A Con For A Cause Goes Down This Weekend

This Saturday is HurriCon and while you're probably saying "oh no another con" I can say that this one is substantially different. How so? Glad you asked! This convention is being done as...

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