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When Honor Meets Glory

What would it be like if the New York Giants came into your town to play your local high school or college football team? Would your town be excited? Would you...

House of Glory’s High Intensity II-The Indy’s Show Returns

On a humid and muggy Sunday afternoon, Ridgewood, Queens had its usual activities going on; which involved anything from shopping on the avenue to hanging out and having a few drinks...

The Lowdown on “The Showdown”

HOG/FTW asked “Who’s the Master”? Did the promotions prove they were? After almost two weeks of wrestling filled action, I thought I wouldn’t want to see another ring for months. Well my...

“Built to Win” or “On the Road to Failure”?

Did House of Glory step up from the success of their last show? For some reason I was excited, in fact, I was very excited. On a March evening I was ready...

House of Glory/Fight The World Wresting: Winter Wonderslam Report

And The Indy Goes To… The most entertaining event of the month (which was not televised) was one that was in my own backyard. House of Glory, the wrestling school/promotion that is...

MTR visits the House Of Glory Wrestling Academy

Two weeks ago, Andrea and I had the pleasure of visiting the House Of Glory Wrestling Academy for the Pro Slam World Unleashed show. We had been meaning to visit for...

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